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Where Would We Go?

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

The MSM often muses as to who would get DRP’s votes if he were to drop out. Let me clear up the mystery for ’em: Nobody. I’d write in DRP. Barring that, I wouldn’t even bother to vote, unless there were someone honorable in a 3rd party. Obama vs. Gingrich? That “choice” is not worth the gas to drive to the polls.   And the vast majority of us feel as I do. DRP is a phenomenon we’ve not seen at this level of national politics in my lifetime – a true man of honor, consistency, decency, conviction, courage, depth knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. At this moment, in these times of looming and ever-escalating disaster, there is truly no substitute.


Ron Paul is Playing at a Whole New Level

December 11, 2011 Leave a comment

In case you missed it, Ron Paul absolutely KILLED it at the IA debate tonight – including significant nods of respect from both Perry and Romney, which he accepted with charismatic good humor, grace, and strength.

That’s followed by an extremely engaging AP article about him, full of endearing biographical details I didn’t know, even after following him closely for years.

And it’s preceded by another valiant instance of the noble Sir Stewart riding to the good Doctor’s aid, this time against the RJC’s recent shameful ostracism.

Add to that his current 2nd place polling in IA and I think it’s safe to say Dr. Paul’s slow and steady approach is poised to start overtly winning the race.

How do I know this won’t be another GOP flash in the pan (as I fully expect Newt will prove..)? Because DRP is altogether different than the other candidates. Once you go Paul, you never go back. Because halleluja, for once there’s someone running who’s honest and consistent. Because he’s not a career politician, he really is a man of the people – and not in the usual patronizing “I’ll take care of you” way, but in an empowering “I trust you to be able to handle yourself” way. Because he’s sincerely in it for liberty and he has decades of consistency to prove it. You can’t fake, or force, or buy, or engineer that. As with fine wine, that quality can only come with time.  Ron Paul inspires me with an inner conflagration of hope for this country and through it, humanity.  That’s how it is with his supposters in general.

How to illustrate the strength of that passion? Thought experiment: What would you give?

If my doing so would guarantee DRP would be Pres, and my not, would prevent it, I would give every penny I have. I would take a bullet.

Can any other candidate say that? People cried at Obama’s inauguration – but would they potentially lay down their lives for him? Given the countless betrayals of his 1st term, would anybody? I doubt it.

So why would I for DRP? Because it’s even more vital to my children’s life-long wellbeing than their father’s continued physical existence. Because it’s that important for individual liberty survive in this world.  Because without a return to applying the true intent of the US Constitution it won’t. We humans will instead eventually become a completely downtrodden collective ruled absolutely in every aspect of life by a tiny elite – even far more so than we already are. That’s the course we’re on, and thanks to technology it can be achieved on a level Orwell could not have dreamt.

ONe way or another DRP can stop that, and I believe he will. And that is more important than anything.