Happily Obsessed

May 14, 2010 1 comment

They say the first thing you need to do when you have a problem is own up to it, right?

So OK, I admit it – I’m obsessed. Obsessed with issues surrounding the fate of the individual in an increasingly power-centralized world. Obsessed with finding how to let the agonies of our collective past finally fade, for humanity to grow into her potential and finally be worthy of the name. Obsessed with how to live this life with room to pursue the highest human aspirations not under some de facto “authority’s” coercion and definition, but, of my own judgment and accord. In other words, I’m obsessed with the welfare, propagation and triumph of human liberty – the free choice of the individual.  And this is the worst kind of addiction – one that elicits no sympathy from others. There’s no 12 step program to get over it. No one’s going to lose sleep praying for my salvation, or give me methadone, or produce a made-for-TV movie with John Travolta dramatizing my heroic struggle for freedom from freedom.

Nope, just gonna have to stick it out on my own.  But at least you’re here. Thanks for coming. Maybe you care about individual liberty too…? And maybe not in some xenophobic, jingoistic, finger-pointy, flag-worshipy kind of way, but in one that leaves the door open for everyone. A way that speaks to the fundamentals of what it means to be human, a commonality of Being that, fed on attention and bolstered by courage, can blossom into the love of liberty in every human heart.  I hope so. But either way, that’s cool – I’m glad you’re here. And as you continue to read, maybe you’ll find you truly resonate with what I have to say, share your own thoughts, and help build a conversation worth having. Screw the 12 step program – I’m glad I’m obsessed.

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