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Civil Discourse, or Civil War?

Wanna play a game? Read the following quote and pick its mostly likely source from the list:

“The problem with them is, they’re crazy, and/or stupid, and/or disingenuous hypocrites and usually all of the above. Their political and economic ideas are pure fantasy. They’ve led to tremendous human suffering, and will spell our doom if we don’t wake up and choose a just, sane path for this country.”

Was this :

A) A “Conservative” describing “Liberals”

B) A “Liberal” describing “Conservatives”

C) I dunno, sounds like it could be either or both. Oh I guess that’s your point, huh? Very clever. Can’t we ever just simply play a game without there having to be some kind of message baked into it?

If you answered “C”, you win a Kewpie doll!* (Thanks, for the “clever” compliment – I’ll choose to overlook your ironic tone. And yes, we can play that kind of game too, just some other time.)

OK, so point taken then, eh?

I think most people can agree this dynamic isn’t getting us anywhere good. I suspect that at this rate and intensity, we better revive civil discourse or we may face civil war.

My purpose in the next few posts will be to aid that process by dissecting the forces driving the animosity, explaining my own positions and motivations, and create an open environment for exploration toward solutions. To anyone who remembers how to play nice, your contributions are very much welcome.

*Not really though. Well, I guess if you really really want one, tell me in the comments…

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